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The spectacle does not realize philosophy, it philosophizes reality, reducing everyone’s concrete life to a universe of speculation.

Guy Debord - The society of spectacle

Pieces of me 2

My being has been trained
   for so long to break itself into little
   pieces to fit alienating narratives that 
i cannot separate being from alienation
i cannot separate being from pain
i cannot separate being from
   renouncing to bits of myself
i cannot separate being from being
   swallowed, wrecked and tormented by
   the emptiness that ultimately comes as a result
i cannot separate being from drowning 
   in a chaos of delusions
i cannot separate being from grieving the 
   loss of my authentic self


I am the essence of chaos 

And every move is a deep and painful tear

"Tomorrow" by Salif Keita

This song is about the inevitability of death. Here “tomorrow” means after this life . “Sadio” is the name of somebody who died. Nobody died and came back. Death is inevitable. Sadio, see you tomorrow (after this life). You are everyone’s darling. Ousmane is at a loss since you left for your final journey. All the people of Mali are lost without you. Death is final. Fatoumata and Ba-Oumou are saying how much you mean to them. Sitting or standing, everyone is lamenting your absence. You did such a great work Sadio. Everybody remembers you still. You still live in the hearts of people. Tomorrow, Sadio, see you tomorrow. [x]

Original lyrics—————————————————————————————
tomorrow, only tomorrow, sadio ambe tomorrow x 2

sadio jon te i fe, Ousmane ko, ka bi fe,
ka bi fe, koniete ka le te sigi

sadio jon te i fe, malienw ko,
u bi fe ko, u bi fe, ko ni e te ko ulu te sigi,
mogo ma taa folo kanaa, saya ma son nene ma,
an sayakera nene balidi

tomorrow, only tomorrow, sadio ambe tomorrow x 2

sadio jon te i fe, Fatoumata ko, ka bi fe,
ka bi fe, kono ete ka le te sigi

sadio jon te i fe, Ba-Oumou ko, ka bi fe,
ka bi fe, ko ni ete ka le te sigi

mogomataa folo kanaa, say mason nenema,
an mogo mataa folo kanaa, saya mason nenema,
an saya kera nenebali

tomorrow see you tomorrow, sadio see you tomorrow
tomorrow only tomorrow, sadio ambe tomorrow

English Translation——————————————————————————

I will not feel this way anymore.
I will not remember this feeling.
I will remember the emotion.
I will remember the moment.
It will be a memory.
A recollection, a description.
It will be tainted and impure.
Coloured by mission, by vision, by recollection.

I cannot capture it. Not even just yet.
I have been blemished. In thought, emotion, mission.
My stomache knots and sinks.
Somersaults in rebellion.
The body will fight the mind.
The heart estranged, must mediate…
Teased and Torn
Unable to do justice.
Eyes mist over. Tears well in the lower lid and spill over.
Brook to stream to river. Outpour, overflow.
Taste them.
Savour the release of Nothing and Something.




Bonjour Gazel: 220. (My favourite looks from 2011)

Ok, because Tumblr won’t let me attach 12, I’ll attach 10. You’ll have to see the remaining ones on my blog!

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Especially these ones:  My faves :3

[TW: Torture, Racism] The Reuters report says that the city is under siege because it still harbors pockets of pro-Gaddafi elements. But as usual this is a distortion and ignores firstly the fact that the tribe of Bani Walid, the Werfalla, which is also Libya’s largest tribe, has always been united ideologically as they were and remain throughout this ongoing crisis. Their position has unwaveringly been to resist the NATO-rebel insurgency, and had it not been for the unity of the Werfalla, then the militias would never be able to enter Bani Walid without heavy bombardment.

Lizzie Phelan, Libyan City Under Siege by Militias via Black Agenda Report

The same militia that erased the Black town ofTawergha and has terrorized dark-skinned Libyans and African immigrants, is threatening to attack the city of Bani Walid, which has been under artillery siege and encirclement for over a week. The NATO-backed militias claim to be targeting “pro-Gaddafi” elements.

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There is so much I would like to say but I do not even know where to start. But I would simply say in a nutshell that the Arab Spring highlighted for me how extremely dangerous and devastating Arab imperialism was for Black Africans and for this reason, I will never again support any Arab movement of liberation! NEVER AGAIN - unless they openly and actively fight anti-blackness, otherwise, they will only strive off it. This is the reason why I do not support white movement of resistance like OWS, because they do not challenge the racism at their core, so if successful, will only lead to the creation of another racist society. 

It is extremely difficult to explain Arab anti-blackness with western-centric notions of race because a lot of it has to do with colorism and anti-blackness also manifest itself through the oppression of native, indigenous African peoples. One can be Arab and black. There is no such hard rule like the one drop rule in the US that defines blackness clearly in the Arab world. But unlike in the US, the Arab slave trade of black Africans has NEVER STOPPED, outlawed or not!!! It is still widely practiced all over the middle East and in some parts of North Africa. I am posting thisEthiopia woman lived modern day slavery at hands of Dubai couple, which happened just few days ago and this, Saudi prince beat his black sex slave to death, as a reminder that we black people are still seen as less than human and slaves in the Arab world. 

The Egyptian revolution started off with reports of massacres of Somali migrants, the Lybian revolution culminated with the mass murder and genocide of 30,000 Tawergha people, wiped out with the support of the west and I frequently see casual anti-blackness on this website with pro-Palestine partisans who have no scruples exploiting the plight of black people in Israel, as simple rhetoric device to further their anti-Israel agenda. Yet none of them will ever address the lingering anti-blackness in Palestine or the rest of the Arab world. So, as a black African, simply by self-preservation, I can not get down with this kind of savagery. 

All of this just proves two things to me. First of all, the world do NOT give a flying fuck about the lives of Black African people, I already knew this. And when I say the world, I am not only talking about white people, I am talking about the whole fucking planet, POC included. This leads me to my second point, POC solidarity is the phoniest shit ever!! THERE IS NO SUCH A THING! And I see it as even dangerous because I know that many do not expose and address Arab imperialism because of it. Because Arab people are victims of white supremacy, they somehow get a pass for the supremacist system they have imposed on black and indigenous Africans. Being unchallenged, it can only strive!! THEY ARE STILL ENSLAVING US GODDAMNIT!! IN 2012!! I cannot denounce the barbaric anti-blackness of white supremacy and not address Arab imperialism. Especially since as a black person, I will always be a million times safer in the west than I will ever be in any Arab country!!

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The Baader Meinhof Complex

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This was a really good movie