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YEFON the Movie

An African woman defies the traditions of her village by learning to read and be educated, only to face a death sentence as a result.


YEFON - An African woman defies the traditions of her village, only to face a death sentence as a result.

A young African woman with dreams of becoming a teacher takes reading and writing lessons from a visiting American. But when the male village elders find out, she is sentenced to death for breaking from tradition.

“Yefon” is a film that continues in the proud tradition of socially conscious, Africa-based cinema like “Hotel Rwanda,” “Beat the Drum” and “Sarafina”—but unlike those movies, its producers will come from the ranks of generous Kickstarter supporters: http://kck.st/QA8sh3

It has already attracted the attention of Hollywood stars like Jimmy Jean-Louise (“Tears of the Sun” “Heroes”), Adriana Barraza (Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee, “Babel”) and Hakeem Kae-Kazim (“Hotel Rwanda”). The film is being co-produced by Justin Massion, the director of the Kickstarter campaign for “Space Command,” which brought in $75,000 in just three days, and ended with over $200,000.

“Yefon” is the brainchild of 22-year-old actress and filmmaker Sahndra Fon Dufe, who got her inspiration from too many similar, true stories from Africa. Broken-hearted by this sad reality, she and the production team have pledged to use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the film, a companion documentary, books and related merchandise to build an all-girls school in Nso, the Cameroon village where “Yefon” is set.

There are less than 4 weeks left to reach the goal of $50,000 so please help spread the word about this

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An ode to my alienation

The prospect of being totally free is so terrifying that
even in my quest for freedom, I have massive urges of
running away from it, urges that I obviously promptly

Sweet sweet chains that retain me captive in the 
safety of my comfort zone and prevent me from falling 
in the huge and frightening  hole of the unknown and
alien liberation.

Throughout all these years, unlike most, alienation has
always been there for me, always been there by my side
always provided me with a cosy place to retreat in. 
Alienation is ultimately the only constant I know as an
oppressed. This is why I forever despite those judgemental 
and uncompassionate enough to think that letting go of
the ultimate landmark in your struggle is something easy
to do, easy enough for those who fail at it to be shunned
and shamed. 

Yet I know that one day, I will have to let go of her. She,
who made me who I am, she, who knows me better than
any one else ever will. I know that one day, she will have
to vacate the place she takes between how I live myself
and how I perceive my experience, in other for me to be
whole and stop aching.

This is the price of freedom! To have to the courage of
being whole instead of retreating into the reassuring yet
excruciating fragmentation of the self. To engage, with 
oneself and the world instead of passively going with
the flow.


Some of the 648 Journalists murdered since 1992

Beats Covered by Victims *

5% Business

29% Corruption

20% Crime

9% Culture

15% Human Rights

45% Politics

2% Sports

23% War

(* May add up to more than 100 percent because more than one category applies in some cases.)

For more, on these heroic women and men, see Committee to Protect Journalists’ website.

All those brown faces!

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danceswithfaeriesunderthemooon replied to your post: danceswithfaeriesunderthemooon replied to your…

The Spaniards i’ve encountered are very outspoken. They don’t care if they’ve hurt your feelings. If they don’t like you because of your race, they have no shame telling you straight up. It sucks. But living there almost 11 years you get used to it..

I just could never get use to it, because it destroy you in a way that words cannot even describe. I just feel soooooo bad for people in the South who have to go through that especially Rroma!

so i guess, even tho i came w/ respect n a wealth of non-western-based perspective, not to mention the fact that im one of few westerners on tumblr equipped to overstand the majority of what u discuss on your own blog, i am still not worthy of a response or even an acknowledgement of that which i took the time to express n even bothered to inbox u. u are failing to show the very respect u request/require. im disappointed, but i won't take it personally, we aint got time for that. be peace


You see, this is the self-righteousness and arrogance I was talking about!

not to mention the fact that im one of few westerners on tumblr equipped to overstand the majority of what u discuss on your own blog, i am still not worthy of a response or even an acknowledgement of that"  Dude, are you seriously asking for cookies for treating me with decency and dignity?? Acknowledgement, really? Is this what you call respect?

You still EXPECT something from me! You expect me to be nice or sugar-coat shit. NO, I CANT AND I WONT! I don’t care about your feelings as someone with more power than me when I discuss the various ways in which you get to hurt me! Why should I?? Do you care about white people’s feelings?? This is basic policing of my emotions and the way I deal with it! I SHOULD NOT TO BE EXPECTED TO BOTTLE UP MY JUSTIFIED ANGER AND RAGE TO MAKE PEOPLE WHO CAN AND DO SHIT ON ME FEEL BETTER! None of you will let such petty and oppressive shit flies with white people, which is why I have been saying that BLACK WESTERNERS ARE HUGE ASS HYPOCRITES!

Anyway what do we get in exchange as non-western POC? NADA! Do you know as much of my culture, identity, struggle as I am required to know about yours to survived in a western-dominated world?? Do you?? So is this what reciprocity and solidarity and ‘respect' stand for to you??

 When Africans, including myslef, got disrespected and virulently attacked here - and even tagged ‘anti-black’ by mugus thinking there is such a thing as African culture LMAO - for not kissing your self-centered American asses, none of the huge ass fakes preaching unity and solidarity here say shit. Many were actually among the ones throwing shit at us!! You are fake because you expect those who oppress you to get over themselves and their feelings yet feel fucking offended when the same is asked from you by those you oppress.

People expecting pat on the back for being decent towards me, people expecting that I check my tone, people denying their privileges and the shit they put me through when I call them out ARE NOT MY FUCKING PEOPLE AND NEVER WILL BE! I am not THAT desperate! Why should I accept it from you and not white people when the disdain, ignorance and total lack of respect is the same?? Ummm, no!

Self-determinations means that I get to decide who I am and who my people are!! I am not a doormat who associate with hypocrites!! You don’t have to like us and care about us but fucking want allegiance, this is what the west is all about! I demand and should be given as much as put in and give and will not negate myself for people WHO ARE NOT MY PEOPLE! I still have a struggle to fight back home against poverty and lack or democracy, are any of you here, ‘my western brothers’, fighting those battles with me?? Are you? Obviously you are NOT!! because you just have no fuck to give when it is not ALL ABOUT YOU! While I am wasting my time with ungrateful, undeserving people, MY PEOPLE IS STRAIGHT FUCKING DYING, so that your western asses can have cheap oil, cheap food, cheap everything at the price of our lives! And please keep your whine about your ‘but we didn’t choose to be westerners' because I can already hear it from here. Last time I checked, white people didn't choose to be born white either! You can do better than that!

I chose to make this public because it wasn’t a response to you specifically exallamsehtfes but because I know that far too many here still think like you. Seriously, get over yourself!

En France, pour les roumains, c'est l'enfer ! Ils sont derespectés, moqués et stereotypés. Hier, une vieille blanche m'a dit "attention à votre sac, un roumain pourrait vous voler !". Dans le cas des africains, la présence éventuelle d'un accent est aussi un fort facteur de discrimination. Par exemple, si tu es un(e) africain(e) musulman avec un accent marqué et la peau foncée ici ... bonne chance !


Les roumains, ces pauvres, traites comme des sous-hommes et leur droits perpétuellement bafoues par le pays quise vante d’etre la nation des droits de l’homme! Quelle blague!

C’est la meme chose  ici pour les accents. Avoir un accent considéré ’Africain’ est mal vu partout. Et est source de moquerie et de racisme

Alors qu’ici les Africains parlant Francais n’ont pas la meme gene quant a leur accent que les Africains anglo-phones comme les Nigerians ou Ghaneens. 

danceswithfaeriesunderthemooon replied to your post: danceswithfaeriesunderthemooon replied to your…

Spaniards can be pretty racist too, yep. Especially towards Moroccans and North Africans in general. Actually when i think about it, most of them are racist against ALL Africans. They give Rroma a hard time too.

The thing that many Anglo-saxons don’t get is how IN YOUR FACE Mediterraneans are with their racism. They dont do as much micro-aggressions as they overly throw their racism and abuse at your face. Their racism is extremely overt and they are NOT ashamed about it as much as here in the UK. 

Even Rroma have it better in here the UK than in France, Italy or Spain. I guess all of you have heard about the absolutely HORRIFIC way France have been treating them. Parking them in camps, taking children away from their parents, forcing them out, despite the fact that according European regulations, THIS IS UNLAWFUL. Please go and see it by yourself.

France, Italy, Spain, Greece, those are racist holes that should fall off the face of the Earth ASAP!

In comparisson, even the racism here in the UK might not be THAT bad! If you find the UK pretty racist, then good luck for settling in Souther Europe! 

cosmicyoruba replied to your post: J’ai eu de la chance de ne jamais avoir souffert d’un racisme “ouvert”, mais plutôt de quelques remarques ignorantes ça et là ! Peut-être parce que je suis antillaise ? J’ai remarqué que les africains en générale étaient beaucoup plus maltraités que nous ici. Ce pays … Cela me brise le coeur de penser à quel point les PoC, les immigrants (surtout les roumains) sont maltraités ici.

also having money, the Nigerians i know who lived in France and enjoyed it immensely had the money to do so…

To be honest, I think that the fact that they are Nigerians, hence non native French-speakers, hence they do not have that tense relationship that, we, French-speaking Africans have with France might have a lot to do with this. They are less likely to get caught in the same dynamics than we have to deal with in terms of history and resentment related to colonialism and slavery! So in these terms, they might be outsiders to some of what is going on. Just like I am an outsider here in the UK unlike English-speaking Africans. For instance, the simple fact that when I speak English, I have a noticeable French accent as an African and not a Nigerian or Ghanaian one, changes A LOT of things, trust me!! People weirdly exotify me and other French-speaking Africans for this O____O  Because we are somehow not their ‘stereotypical African’. These are the kind of little things that affect my experience.

From my experience, money doesn’t change much in France when it comes to racism because ALL niggers basically aint shit there, POOR OR RICH! While here in the UK, the pervasive classism considerably affecst the experience of POC with racism. From what I have noticed, by making it and succeeding here in the UK, POC can shield themselves from SOME ASPECTS OF RACISM TO SOME EXTEND, while in France the difference is quite residual!

daniellemertina replied to your post: Out of all the (White Western) places you’ve been/lived, which one is the least blatantly racist thus far?

Really? I haven’t been As many places as you probably but England is pretty racist. IMO.

The UK being racist yet more bearable than France and Italy are not mutually exclusive things.

I mean some of you should really go to Southern Europe to see it for yourself!!

I mean they do blackface to mock sport stars such as Lewis Hamilton and Mario Balotelli, and NO ONE says shit!! I can’t even imagine such a thing in the UK!

danceswithfaeriesunderthemooon replied to your post: Out of all the (White Western) places you’ve been/lived, which one is the least blatantly racist thus far?

I was born/lived in north Croydon which is predominately non-white, so it wasn’t so bad there. But when ever i went more down south of Croydon or anywhere else in the UK, i did have quite a lot of not so nice experiences. the UK is racist.

I know but would you say that the UK is less racist than Spain for instance??

From my experience, it doesn’t even compare! Southern Europe = HELL!!

J'ai eu de la chance de ne jamais avoir souffert d'un racisme "ouvert", mais plutôt de quelques remarques ignorantes ça et là ! Peut-être parce que je suis antillaise ? J'ai remarqué que les africains en générale étaient beaucoup plus maltraités que nous ici. Ce pays ... Cela me brise le coeur de penser à quel point les PoC, les immigrants (surtout les roumains) sont maltraités ici.


Il y a beaucoup de Roumains ici aussi et d’apres ce que je sais, ils ne sont pas aussi discrimines qu’en France. La France est juste tellement raciste et xenophobe! Et dégueulasse!

Pour etre honete, je ne sais pas si la diffrence n’est pas plus due colorisme et l’islamophobie. Je pense qu’avoir la peau plus foncee et etre issue d’un pays majoritairement musulman comme certains pays d’Afrique de L’ Ouest rendent les choses plus difficile. Parce que la, tu deviens un Fatou ou un Mamadou automaitiquement. 

Aussi avoir un patronyme Francais aide ENORMEMENT! 

Out of all the (White Western) places you've been/lived, which one is the least blatantly racist thus far?


The UK, well London, hands down!


one of the annoying things about this blog is that the majority of readers are based in the us and are us-centric.  that’s not surprising, all things considered, but it places me in an interesting space. 

like, part of me would like to catalog all of the anti-black from arab egyptians shit i hear and see and experience on the daily in this blog.

it would look like this: random week

—2 am had rock thrown at me by taxi driver after he tried to charge me 3-4 times as much for a ride.  this was after he yelled at me, got out of the taxi and threatened me by saying he was going to call the police (that’s the racialized part if you missed it), and tried to rush at me. 

—called ‘black girl, sudanese, and african girl’ in arabic over a dozen times while walking downtown one night

—sat at bar while men at another table discussed how much i was worth

—3 seperate times this week had egyptians imply i was not really ‘american’ and insist on knowing i was really from…

—arab egyptian use the word ‘nigger’ in a convo

—had arab egyptian comment on how ‘light’ my daughter was…

—arab egyptian ‘friend’ comment on how he doesnt find black women attractive

like that would be a normal week of me socializing in the world. 

this shit is constant. 

but here’s the rub, if i do write about it, i am suddenly, because of us-centrism required to take into consideration the anti-arab prejudiced that has heightened in the states after 9/11.  like i cannot write it plain (as poc online write about white folks) because liberal/progressive folk in the states have shown themselves on multiple occassions to be more concerned if i am besmirching arab-identity, than discussing my own physical and psychological survival as a black girl in the arab world.  no i am required to give ‘nuance’ and ironically have been accused, more than once, of taking us-based racial ideas to the arab world and not understanding the complexities of race…

like where i live, islam is dominant.  arab identity is dominant.  and frankly there is not a lot of writing, in english, of anti blackness in the contemporary arab world (however you may draw those borders).  trust me, ive looked.  and the anti-blackness in the arab world is fucking deadly.  like tahrir during the revolution, for me, acted as a place of refuge away from the normal anti-black woman rhetoric and assaults. 

i guess this is what comes to mind when i hear someone say that they are tired of intra-poc fights.  like, yes, i am tired of it to.  could you make it stop?  cause i would really like for arabs to stop attacking me because im black, female, uncovered.  like id really like that, okay? 

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