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Do you remember this guy?

Bulletproof vest: TJ Lane, a suspect in Monday's shooting of five students at Chardon High School is seen leaving juvenile court with Geauga County deputies in Chardon, Ohio, on Tuesday

This is the Ohio school shooter who killed and injured some of his classmates. Do you remember how white folks where fawning over him, talking about how “cute”, “innocent” and “attractive” he looked on this post? The judge even ordered the media not to take any more pictures of him.  We haven’t seen his face since then. No one is talking about white on white crime, about the white school shooting epidemic, about how white communities are responsible for their kids getting up one morning and massacring their schoolmates. He is still portrayed as a poor helpless child who was probably bullied and ‘just lash out.’

So can anyone explain to me how a fucking murderous piece of shit like this fucking rat get all of that, yet a black INNOCENT child - unlike the asshole pictured above, VICTIM of the most horrendous hate crime is now also the victim of a horribly vile and despicable demonizing campaign??? Why is it legal for media outlets, people to try and justify the murder of Trayvon Martin by posting pictures of him with gold teeth flipping the bird?? How can so many people even find this acceptable ??

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    [TW for murder, gun violence, racism]
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    God, I remember this. Wtf people he’s a murdering shithead, wtf why would you ever go “oh well he looks so cute and...
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    “So can anyone explain to me how a fucking murderous piece of shit like this fucking rat get all of that, yet a black...
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