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Why tag the posts on Sankara as “Marxism” and “Socialism” ?

Do the ideas of equality and freedom of the people BELONG to Marx and to socialists, and hence white people???

This is imperialism in its ultimate form: Use eurocentric ideology to make sense of the diverse and complex reality of people of color. 

Marxism is an ideology of CLASS that IGNORES the tremendous impact of WHITE SUPREMACY on the reality of PoC around the world. So it is imperialist and erroneous to say the least!! Sankara’s main obstacles were debt slavery, western pressures against stable government in Africa and democracy and neo-colonialism, yet his work is filed under Marxism as if it has ANYTHING in common with European workers revolution of the 19 and 20th centuries!!

White supremacy is the leading force in the oppression of most PoC around the world before class and labeling EVERY revolution of PoC as merely socialist and Marxist erases this fact!!

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