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Maliah, Yaris, and Keyshia

*orders that gold leopard print catsuit from yesterday*


Keyshia Ka’ior is really an inspiring woman. I don’t think many people realise how amazing what she has accomplished as an entrepreneur is, especially considering how black video vixens, are ALWAYS degraded, mocked, dehumanised beyond belief. 

She is the head of a multi-millions dollar cosmetic company, which is only about a year old. She offers edgy products of quality. I remember about two year ago when she was the very first to wear blue lipstick and got called ratchet and all kinds of dog names. They said no one would buy her ‘ghetto’ products and she that she was too ‘trashy’ to sell anything. Now bright pink, purple and blue lipsticks are on all the lips and she made it POW!

You get nowhere if you don’t take chances and you believe in yourself especially if you are a black woman. Everybody, your peers included, would try to convince you that success is not for ‘your kind’. 

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