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I absolutely HATE how people back home kiss up to white people! Stop it, they openly despise you, come on now! The higher in the social hierarchy, the more race-mixing there is.

Um OK then (¬_¬) #iamjustsayingthough

In Cameroon, light-skinned privilege and mixed-race privilege are two very very different things that may intertwine at times but are still very distinct. To be mixed-raced - independently of the skin tone - is basically to be white. Also almost ALL of the people in the elite have one or two western citizenships. 

But I must say though, that tribal cultural differences and history play heavily into this. Basically the way white people colonised the country and distributed the power among peoples, influence the relationship to whiteness and the degree of internalised racism. I know that my people has still not gotten over the fact that the white man tried to wipe us out during independence wars so race-mixing is seen as something 'dirty' and 'wrong’. I also know that Hausas frown upon race-mixing too. The younger generation is more open to it though.

However the tribe in power, basically the people from the South, who bent backward for whitey - and got rewarded for it - and were instrumental in the genocide against us, seem just to want to get rid of their genes ASAP. Chantal Biya, first lady *cough* *cough*, the wife of the president’s son and all the rest!

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