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I hope all is okay, and tumblr can be stressful. Do whatever is best for you and best of luck with your exams!

Thanks, I REALLY need it for my exams 

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Wow this answer! I’m going to have to save this. EXACTLY how I feel. Thank you again for articulating so much!!!!!

You are welcome girl  \(^_^)/

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That’s the thing, I very much understand he was a product of his environment. And I think there was obviously things he had not worked on yet. But I am always uneasy when those on the far Right immediately label him as racist, anti-semitic etc

The thing is that we live in this culture where everything is over-simplified. It is either black or white, people are not really interested by the complexities and especially CONTRADICTIONS of things.  There is this idea that the whole work of someone can be dismissed because of some of their wrong-doing, and I disagree with it. I will not deny the accomplishment of Guevara as a revolutionary  but as a man, he was extremely flawed too. 

Well, I am trying to challenge dogmatism and my own dogmatic tendencies too. 

Anyway isn’t ironic for the far-right to label anyone a racist??

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Argh, you can scrap my last question. This was the point I wanted to ask you about. His anti-black sentiments and treatment of Congolese/Angolan revolutionaries! It’s something I’m trying to find out more about and leaves me very uneasy smh

Me too. We can NOT really assert that he was OPENLY anti-black but there is always this weird feeling when I read about him and black people. I think throughout his life he tried to get rid of the bigoted views and ways he was taught growing up. He managed to do so with classism but didn’t really get there with racism.