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Struggling Alone: Women who have sex with women in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ghana
This report is a result of a five-month social context analysis conducted by a young, lesbian-led organization, The Queer African Youth Networking Center (QAYN) to call attentions to the lived realities of lesbians, bisexual, transgendered, queer and women who have sex with women (LBTQWSW) in three West African countries. A group of passionate and resourceful volunteers engaged in cross-country interviews and focus group discussions to uncover the challenges faced and strategies used by LBTQWSW in living their lives as same-gender loving

Downlonad PDF @ http://www.qayn-center.org/research-publications/


Struggling Alone: Women who have sex with women in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ghana

This report is a result of a five-month social context analysis conducted by a young, lesbian-led organization, The Queer African Youth Networking Center (QAYN) to call attentions to the lived realities of lesbians, bisexual, transgendered, queer and women who have sex with women (LBTQWSW) in three West African countries. A group of passionate and resourceful volunteers engaged in cross-country interviews and focus group discussions to uncover the challenges faced and strategies used by LBTQWSW in living their lives as same-gender loving

Downlonad PDF @ http://www.qayn-center.org/research-publications/

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What struck me the most about that reportage I saw yesterday on Iraqi gays was the fact that many minorities were actually safer in many aspects under Saddam Hussein Iraq than in today’s American ‘Free Iraq’. Also it was said that homophobia in Iraq is closely tied up to misogyny. Hence trans women and gay men are raped in mass by the same people oppressing them and condamning their sexuality and identity. Yet these rapists are seen as heroes despite the fact that they do take part in same-sex sex because they represent ‘masculinity’ and masculinity is upheld and glorified while feminity is oppressed and despised. So gay men are oppressed in many ways like women ‘misbehaving’, they are raped and killed in honor killings.

the year 2048



a young man sobs, “but father, i don’t want to marry this horse!”

“i know son…nobody wants to be forced into horse marriage.  if only our ancestors had stopped obama.”


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Queer identifying women and trans women from the African Diaspora negotiate a complicated range of identities. Often negotiating themselves both as women, queer, POC and immigrants their experience is the epitome of intersectionality.

Already part of a marginal community, as immigrants or the children of immigrants, we as individuals most negotiate an even more marginalized identity.

Too often, African queers find themselves placing their identity as African separate from their identities as queer. This community seeks to reconcile this challenge by celebrating and connecting proud queer Africans who now reside outside of the continent.

This group will seek to facilitate the meeting of Queer Africans, and the discussions that will ensue both offline and online

While we many have many differences, our identities as female identified Queer Africans in the Diaspora allows for a unique experience that both shapes and connects us in a way that blurs the lines that separate us.

Both @lesiliva (http://lesiliva.tumblr.com/)  and @ blacqueerwomyn(http://blacqueerwomyn.tumblr.com/)  are Queer women from Africa whom while going through the initial process of coming out found that they lacked a community of individuals that could specifically understand the  range of challenges they were facing based on the various identities they needed to negotiate.

This tumblr is meant to be a reflection of what the community needs. A resource, a sanctuary, a reminder of home, a place of friendship and whatever DQ-Africans need.

*note- We have chosen to focus on issues that surround Queer women, because both of us have intimate and direct knowledge of the issues that queer women face.

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The ungendered body does not exist, just as the unclassed body does not exist. Such disarticulation reproduces the false tropes of the ungendered body and of ungendered politics and the unclassed body and unclassed politics. These in turn reaffirm the positioning of normative male political practices as somehow “unmarked” and universal. Such an equation hides that gender is not something one can be outside of. It is not an analytic lens that can be withheld and deployed according to genitalia and/or sexual practices of the people being studied. When an attention to gender is limited to female and/or LGBTQ people in the Middle East, it reproduces the study of gender as the study of how (other) men treat “their” women and gays.

How Not to Study Gender in the Middle East via Jadaliyya

Relevant to discussions on my dash.

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“Why is it that most of what you write about the Middle East and Arab issues is in English rather than Arabic? In a lot of what you say, you sound like yet another “sophisticated”/Western-educated Arab intellectual who’s bent over self-affirmation as an “Arab” in front of your English-speaking audiences. You, like others on Jadaliyya, seem more concerned with denouncing and impressing your English-speaking liberal and “radical” colleagues and audiences, using their own concepts and methods of critical analysis, than you are with addressing Arab audiences in Arabic about their issues. Perhaps this is mainly because most of what you say would not even make sense to the average Arab who certainly wouldn’t be able to relate to it.”

this comment is more important and relevant than that article

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!معجزة! القسم العربي

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ليه في قسم انجليزي اصلا؟

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BREAKING NEWS: being gender queer doesn’t qualify you to talk about gender , you have to read foucault


elitism at its finest.

Waitttt, someone REALLY told you this??? O_____________O

For real???


I sometimes avoid straight women on purpose.They have this way of pressing themselves on my safe-space after finding out I’m queer and continuously fucking flirting with me after I’ve asked them repeatedly to get away. It never ends. And the timbre of the nastiness varies by race, too.

Straight White women pull this “oooh look at this sexy, near-smart and opinionated queer Black man acting like a girl so hawt does he have a BIG DICK lemme touch his hair and coo and drop suggestive hints about all this fine White pussy he’s missing mrawwwr yum!” 

Straight Black women pull this “oooh yes my Nubian Warrior King werq that Afro and those box braids omg he’s a faggot well I aint got nothin against the gays but it pains me to see our men falling prey to the weakness of homosexuality he just ain’t found the right Black Woman yet lemme make kissy-face and purr!” 

Straight Latinas pull this “oooh yes this cute-ass papi in my midst but damn why he gotta be a maricon? hmmm I wonder if I can entice him before the Black women and the White bitches get to him first!” 

Those are the only creeds of straight women I have an interaction with like this on a daily basis, which is why Asian and Native women have been omitted. But if they’re white-identifying they do the shit straight White women do. It’s not cute. Cut it the fuck out. EW. UGH. Just get the hell away from me my body is not for sale. DIE. 



it’s pretty upsetting how many white people are unaware that it was actually white imperialism that crushed lqbtq* folk’s rights and expression in poc countries

i see white lgbtq* folk going on and on about how poc cultures are heterosexist/cissexist etc and the worst thing is they don’t even KNOW that it was their own culture that created that mess 

This is important to remember.  Many indigenous cultures accept(ed) people who would in Western terms be defined as LGBT*. In places like Uganda where the “Kill the Gays” bill happened, the atmosphere of homophobia and transphobia are a direct result of outside religions coming in and asserting their cultural and moral beliefs over those of the native culture and moral schemas. The laws in places like Jamaica and Haiti against “buggery” were implemented by BRITISH AND FRENCH IMPERIALISTS and the campaign against it was so successful that heteronormativity (originally a tool of survival) has become a huge part of their cultures. There are so many examples, from Filipin@ bakla to Two Spirit people in some Native American tribes, that what is popularly referred to as LGBT* today, has always been a part of humanity and for some, at least, is in no way more unnatural than being cisgender or heterosexual. In fact, in many of these cultures, these people were given places of honor within their community’s social hierarchy. We were written into creation myths, instead of having them used as weapons against us. We were seen as gifts.   Never forget that.

THIS RIGHT HERE. I remember when I was doing research on Polynesian cultures, it really surprised me to learn how accepted homosexuality and transsexualism was in Polynesian (particularly Hawaiian) culture. The entire concept of the gender binary was completely foreign to them! They just had a super fluid and generally open minded take on sex. Luckily many of the articles I was reading flat out said the change came when the white man showed up and shoved heteronormativity down everybody’s gullet. 

They sure do (>_>) No one can deny this. This is why I say that white people are the hatred that we POC fear. It is not about ‘hating whitey’, it is about fighting off whitey’s hatred and destruction. 

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Who Killed David Kato?



What does American Evangelicalism have to do with the murder of Uganda’s most prominent LGBT activist? More than you’re probably comfortable with.

A visiting neighbor found him lying on the floor. He was bleeding with serious wounds to the head where he had been struck with a hammer. The mysterious assailant had fled the scene. David Kato died on the way to the hospital.

The police quickly labeled it as a robbery - but those who knew the victim suspected otherwise. Kato was, after all, a marked man. Only a few months before, a local Ugandan tabloid called The Rolling Stone had released a list of “top homos” complete with names and addresses. Kato’s picture was on the front page, along with a banner that read “Hang Them.”

“When my brother wanted to do something then no one could stop him. He was very brave.” - John Malumba Wasswa, Kato’s brother.

Kato was a prominent LGBT activist in Uganda, a country where homophobia is reaching a fever pitch. It is a place where many believe that homosexuals are “recruiting children” and “raiding schools.” It is also where the “Kill The Gays” bill, a piece of legislation that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death, was proposed.

Kato’s murder and the controversial “Kill the Gays” bill caused international uproar and left human rights groups scratching their heads. What caused Uganda’s descent to violent homophobia?

The chilling answer traces hatred and violence in Uganda back to the United States and the religious right. David Kato, before his death, had spoken out against American evangelicals stirring up homophobia in Africa. His allies in Sexual Minorities Uganda have also cited the role of America’s religious right as pivotal in the rise of hatred against homosexuals in Uganda. And now we can attempt to answer the question: Who Killed David Kato?

“David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S. evangelicals in 2009. The so-called U.S. evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood.” - Val Kalende, the chairwoman of one of Uganda’s gay rights groups.

Homosexuality has long been a taboo in Uganda. Economic devastation and internal political strife, however, had taken precedence over the issue. It wasn’t until evangelicals took an interest in the African country that homosexuality and politics began to merge. And so the scapegoating of gays began - an export of America.

For American missionaries, Uganda was ideal. As the gay rights movement in the United States picked up steam and homosexuality was becoming increasingly more acceptable, anti-gay Christians on the far right began to feel that they were losing the culture war. And so they turned to a place where there ideals might take root a little better. Missionaries began visiting Uganda and preaching to the people there.

Unfortunately, they did not preach peace and love. They chose instead to conduct a little social experiment with Uganda by preaching intensely anti-gay rhetoric.

Three of those evangelicals and their actions are chronicled below.

1. Scott Lively

Scott Lively is an American author and attorney. He co-wrote a book called The Pink Swastika in which he states that homosexuals are the true inventors of Nazism. He is the former state director of the California branch of the American Family Association. He brought these radical ideas to Africa where they stirred up hatred of gays.

“If your definition of homosexuality is being able to do whatever you want to and that you should be able to go and engage in sex with another person and because of that the disease you have is going to spread to that person and they’re going to take it home and give it to their wife, how much tolerance should we have for that?…zero tolerance.” - Lively on homosexuality

Here is a clip of Lively detailing his role in the “Pro-Family” movement in Uganda:

2. Richard Cohen

Richard Cohen is an American conversion therapist. He is a leader in the ex-gay movement and is, in fact, an “ex-gay” himself. He is also an evangelical Christian. His book, “Coming Out Straight,” has been cited as an inspiration for the “Kill the Gays” bill.

“Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil. 40% of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality.” - Cohen in his book “Coming Out Straight.” His book has been criticized for being based largely on assumptions.

And just how much has his book affected homophobia in Uganda? Take a look at this video in which Stephen Langa, head of the Family Life Network in Uganda and the main proponent of the “Kill the Gays” bill, references Cohen’s book:

3. Lou Engle

Lou Engle is a charismatic Christian leader in America. He is best known for founding “The Call” which hosts twelve hour prayer rallies. His ministry is also featured in the documentary “Jesus Camp.”

“Today, America is losing its religious freedom. We are trying to restrain an agenda that is sweeping through the education system. Uganda has become ground zero.” - Engle, speaking to a crowd of Ugandans on making homosexuality punishable by death.

Engle traveled to Uganda to praise their government’s efforts to combat homosexuality - including the “Kill the Gays” bill. Here is a clip of him speaking out to a crowd of Ugandans:

So, who killed David Kato?

Homophobia, globalized culture wars, and Americans preaching hate.

None of the missionaries listed above actually struck Kato with the hammer, but they and others who brought their twisted anti-gay ideas to Uganda are responsible for his death. And they are also responsible for the rise of hatred and violence against LGBT people in the country.

Things like this:

And this:

are the direct results of American evangelicals stirring up homophobia in Uganda.

So what does this story mean for those of us who support gay rights here in America? It means we have to be vigilant. What anti-gay evangelicals did in Uganda is what they wish they could accomplish here: a culture that believes gays are evil. While many of them have tried to distance themselves from the controversial “Kill the Gays” bill, they remain unchanged in their view of homosexuality as a disease to be eradicated.

David Kato was buried by his close friends after the pastor who was supposed to oversee the ceremony chose instead to go on an anti-gay tirade. Even in death, peace seemed elusive for Kato. Indeed, for all gay people in Uganda, the road ahead is long and tumultuous.

To honor David Kato’s memory and to stand with our allies in Uganda, we must remember that we cannot afford to be complacent. The men on this list who caused so much damage to the gay community in Uganda reside right here in the United States where they continue to preach hatred. We must support gay rights and human dignity in America if we ever want to see a day where their vitriol cannot harm anyone else.

Would you like to see a film on the life and death of David Kato?

This is why I think the Western discourse that paint Africans and black people in general is defaming.

Homophobia as we know it today in Africa is a by-product of colonialism and white supremacy.

Bringing this back because it is important to understand what is going on in Africa at large and in Uganda in particular in term of queerphobia. 

sonofbaldwin is talking about Ugandans but they seem to want to group all the other nations as a monolith






 African homophobia is, whether we can deal with it or not, an Africans attempt to be more like white people.  -Sonofbaldwin


I agree with most stuff this dude has said about the topic but that quote alone is wrong and is based on the West’s ethnocentric assumption that non-westerners are trying to be so much like the West, in all it’s good and bad.

I can’t speak about other African nations (because it’s y’know, not a monolith) but at least in my country, a lot (traditional) Naija people think homosexuality is Un-African because (apart from christianity dictating what is ‘good’) they associate it with white people and the West. they strive to disassociate themselves with a lot of white/western mentality. 

if we (Nigerians) are so obsessed with trying to be white, we’d happily make homosexuality legal. Please don’t put your western-centric bias onto this topic and then assume you have more knowledge on the reasons why homosexuality is illegal far more than the people actually living in these countries do. 

In Egypt, outside of Islam being the dominant religion, homosexuality is also considered a Western thing, more specifically “what White people do” or “White nonsense.” They don’t want Americans to even really exist, so to say they want to be “more like White people” is simply retarded.

ehh at the use of ‘retarded’ but yeah ^^

I dunno, the whole post made out like the entire continent (with a mention of Uganda and Ethipia) has one exact attitude to homosexuality. it’s complex.

Lesbians are (at least in Lagos, Nigeria) not overtly punished (whereas, men will be severely punished for being queer) and in Hausa culture (which is dominantly Islam people)  there’s somehow a lot more ‘open’ feminine men and it doesn’t follow the west’s version of homosexuality.


Sometimes, I wish someone could push me over a cliff 


Did he REALLY say that shit??

“African homophobia” in the singular????? A continent?? So we all fucking wish to be like white people?? More than 50 countries?? Hundreds of millions of people?? Tens of thousands of cultures??


I am hurt and speechless. I thought he was better than that! Westerners, I am starting to seriously hate you! I am not even gonna lie! 

Also homosexuality is marketed ‘non-African’ by Christianity!! This non-African thing is also due to the fact that like I said earlier it is based an imported definition of sexuality that conceives it as a spectrum with opposites and labels. Sexuality in traditional cultures used to be much more FLUID than that.

What queerhairyvag said is the truth, a lot of Nigerians do think that homosexuality is un-African and is something white people do.

This is not and can never be simply a matter of trying to “be like white people”. It is really more complex than that, especially when you consider that the virulent homophobia of today was honestly imported and implanted on us by Western/Christian forces. Sure it is confounding that this seems to be the case of white Western people telling us Africans that homosexuality is a white/Western “disease” (<_<) but at the same time our traditional understandings of sexuality, gender and sex have pretty much been either wholly destroyed or corrupted. So, what dreams-from-my-father said about imported definitions of sexuality.

African ideas of self/ves, our cultureS and our philosophIES has taken such a beating from colonialism and imperialism. I saw this documentary recently that did talk about homosexuality in Uganda, and I remember clearly one of the older women saying that when she was young in her hometown there were two men living together (as lovers and life partners). She said other people used to say that they had been possessed by the “monkey spirit” but that nobody harassed them, nobody thought they were gay or even know what being “gay” was. The woman’s point was that the “trouble” started when they associated this with Western definitions of homosexuality which they had been taught was a grave sin. Another woman spoke of having sexual encounters with other women when she was growing up in Uganda, and insisted that she did not “know” this was lesbian.

As a final point, what people, i.e those from the West and those straight Africans who have taken it upon themselves to speak on behalf of the African LGBTIQ communitIES, say on our/their behalf is so so so so so very much different from what those communitIES say and know. I read a post recently on how “African homosexuality is a Western invention” by someone who supposedly cares about African queers. This person went on about how people like the yan daudu in Hausaland are not really gay but Western people view them as being gay so African LBGTIQ communities follow Western thought. Because we don’t think for ourselves. I was like “fuck this bullshit” because the dude who wrote the post clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. I also sent the post to a friend who was pissed just from the title. Anyway that person’s post…it’s the same to me as saying that you know about a country (like say, UGANDA) because you have a few friends from there or have lived there so that makes you the authority. It’s like people do not really care what African LGBTIQ communities know or have to say.

We, Africans, are so intelligent

*flips hair* (^_^)

The bolded! I spoke with some elders and they basically told me the same thing. We should try and rehabilitate those ancient conceptions we had about sexuality. To be honest, the way the west labels and conceives sexuality and gender is so reductive and narrow to me. It doesn’t render human complexity. 

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Get all the way the fuck into this and this will be the last time I say this:

I don’t give a FUCK about your hurt feelings. PEOPLE ARE DYING.

Nope. I don’t live in Uganda. I ain’t no expert. I just believe what my friends, black and homosexual and born and raised in Uganda, tell me. I don’t give a fuck about heterosexual narratives that proclaim, “But my father’s cousin’s uncle’s best friend’s nephew is straight and lives in Uganda and doesn’t hate homosexuals.” Exceptions ain’t rules. Talk is cheap. Don’t talk to me until you can answer THIS question honestly: What have you done for them lately?

Just like I believe that the American government’s murderous, thieving actions in Japan or Korea or Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere brown or black people have tried to thrive represents its people (INCLUDING ME), so, too, do I believe that the homophobic actions of the Ugandan government represents ITS people. I don’t give people the luxury of saying “My interests are not being represented by my government.” No. I don’t give MYSELF that luxury and I’m DAMN sure not giving it to you. These clothes I have on? The price I paid for them was American Imperialism and goodness knows how many corpses. Heterosexuals walking around (relatively) safely in Uganda? The price for that is the stigmatization and scapegoating and oppression of the homosexual population. We don’t even have to ASK for the privilege, doll, we get it just because of WHO WE ARE.

We are ALL complicit, baby. Now—what are we going to DO about it?

Look, no one’s denying that Africa has issues with homosexuality, mostly from the residual effects of Christian imperialism, but you demonizing the Ugandan people (people that you coincidentally have privilege over.. the same privilege you seem to be bantering on about that they have over their gay counterparts) isn’t doing shit either, so you really need to knock it off with the condescending bullshit. These aren’t ~hurt feelings~.. these are people from the continent telling you that how you’re portraying the situation is much more basic than the reality, which is extremely harmful.

You really seem to be putting to cart in front of the horse. Saying Ugandans “are trying to be white” is a really broad overview of colonialism and white supremacy. Being closest to white is how some Africans are surviving. Colorism is a very real thing. Instead of vilifying people (who’s situations we’ll never be able to comprehend) for simply trying to live.. we should be more focused on eradicating the harmful, Eurocentric notions of beauty and worth that drive them there in the first place.

Whether or not you want to admit it, living in the West has afforded you a wide range of opportunities and please, before you start, spare me the tragic Black man saga. I’m Black, as well as being a woman, as well as being an immigrant, as well as coming from a nation plagued by war, ethnic collision and the like, so there’s nothing you can explain to me about Blackness/oppression/marginalization that I don’t already know. I’ve lived on both African and American soil. I’ve seen how the economic and social dynamics shape people and the way they perceive the world. You have abundant access to internet, literature, articles and knowledge that most Ugandans will never be able to. That access to knowledge allows you the privilege to question whether or not there is a God and how (S)He would feel about homosexuality. How’d I know? I’m an Atheist, which is something I never even would have considered back in Ethiopia.

The prospect of Christianity in most African nations is a complex one that derives from dehumanization, but is in itself a form of microresistance. I am an Atheist (as I’ve already stated), but as an Ethiopian who was raised Orthodox Christian, I can’t escape the prospect of the denomination, because it’s what my family back home literally thrives on to have the strength to deal with their struggles. Uganda is absolutely ravaged by malaria, poverty, malnutrition ethnic disputes, etc etc and a belief in God is what keeps them going. They don’t have time to question these preconceived notions that have been ingrained into their conscious when they’re literally trying to stay alive. You diminishing the very real, catastrophic realities that Ugandans deal with is harmful to homosexual Ugandans as well.

You seem passionate about the cause of gay Africans, but telling people that they don’t know their history is snide and disrespectful as fuck and does nothing for this cause you claim to be so egregiously fighting for. You don’t have anymore of a stake in this than we do.  You know it. I know it, so cut it the fuck out.

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The African Flying Machine Rests: sonofbaldwin is talking about Ugandans but they seem to want to group all the other nations as a monolith





African homophobia is, whether we can deal with it or not, an Africans attempt to be more like white people. -Sonofbaldwin


I agree with most stuff this dude has said about the topic but that…

Homophobia, as it appears in ANY country in Africa, is a product of white supremacy. Period. The end. It might have come with colonization. It might have come with Christian missionaries/conquerors or Muslim missionaries/conquerors, but it CAME. It wasn’t there before that. Do your research. Know your history. It was ONLY with the introduction of a monotheistic religion did any country in Africa start displaying homophobia. Before that? THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of tribal societies had a place for the homosexual that had NOTHING to do with sin or negative judgment or ostracization or disgusts.

But I realize that fucks with some people’s black power fantasies about the continent. But ask me if I give a fuck.

What I hear from many people on the continent is that it was, in fact, homosexuality that Europe brought with them. THAT IS A MYTH. I don’t care if that offends you. It’s a myth. It’s a myth. It’s a fucking MYTH. Designed to make panicked men feel more masculine and complicit women to feel more patriarchal.

And you can “WESTERN” me from now until doomsday. I don’t give a FUCK. It won’t change the FACTS. It’s one thing not to know someone else’s history, but to not know YOUR OWN? And WORSE, to perpetuate a fallacious history invented by European conquerors? THE FUCK? Fucking homophobes.

I feel so sorry for you.

Sigh. You’re saying these things as if there are Africans that don’t know this. As someone who is 1st generation I don’t have any black power fantasies. I don’t romanticize African history. I don’t romanticize the history of my parent’s home land. I reject that monolithic view of Africa every day so you’re not doing anything special. 

This has nothing to do with debunking fantasies. You rolled around in western privilege when you called al the people of Uganda violent and hateful. 

The issue is you think that you can speak for Ugandans and by extension all Africans. It using your voice to diminish context and nuance. That is inexcusable and dangerous because you present information inaccurately. 

You are arrogant enough to think that folks are running around completely ignorant to their history. It’s amazing how POC who put on this air of enlightenment continue to cling to white western behaviors - belittling and diminishing African voiceS because you know AfricanS are just so backwards and ignorant. 

Here you are, getting a free education from African peopleS but you choose to cling to your arrogance and little bit of knowledge that you think you possess. If your behavior wasn’t so embarrassing I’d laugh. 

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