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Sex education should focus not just on the mechanics of heterosexual sex and how to keep it safe – important as these are – but on varieties of sex. Sex between girls, sex between boys; the importance of enthusiastic consent – in effect, discussion of how to have good sex rather than just safe sex. The fact that girls as well as boys enjoy sexual activity is important to emphasise. I’ll never forget overhearing a conversation on a bus where a boy was asking a female friend of mine, both around 18, why girls masturbated. That alone demonstrates to me the need for better education.

Simone Webb (Underage sex isn’t automatically a problem | Comment is free | The Guardian)

"why girls masturbated ?" O_O At 18?? Really??

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Zanele MuholiID Crisis Gelatin silver print 2003


Zanele Muholi
ID Crisis
Gelatin silver print

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Cis straight white people are trying to shut Arkh down.



Yesterday, notice was received from Kate at Indiegogo that part of #Arkh’s pitch on indiegogo was “unlawful”. Namely, that the lines about using the money to hire queer people and PoC artists were “breaking anti-discrimination laws”. Now Arkh’s goal is to not only make this game, but to use the money to support the community at the end of its goals, the queer community and the PoC community. Therefore, it seeks to pay either queer developers or developers of color, because those communities are notoriously left out of the gaming industry, to the point where if they do manage to get a job at all, they are ridiculed and harassed until they quit.

I changed the pitch immediately and mentioned to Kate that I was upset about it. Kate responded with this:

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you, I appreciate that!  

Just to give you some context, we had someone threaten us with legal action because of that clause on your campaign.  We’re having our legal advisors take a look at whether or not those two sentences violate any “law, statute or regulation”.  I’m hoping that the answer is ‘no’ so that you can return your pitch to the way it was, but I need confirmation from our lawyers first. 

Thanks for your understanding,

* * * * * * * *

All I have to say to the obviously cis straight white jerk who is angry that you can’t, once again, make money from queer people and people of color? To someone so upset at not being able to have everything in the world you made that ridiculous attempt at us, that even Kate at Indiegogo made sure to thwart?

Thanks. Really. :) You’re so selfish that you cannot bear to see something that doesn’t include you, something made for someone that isn’t you. You could spend your time playing any one of a million other video games just for you, but you attack what is, for so many, the one chance they will EVER be able to see themselves in a fantasy game of a high level.

That’s pathetic.

But it’s okay.

Things like this are exactly what the community needs to be pushed into going farther than they could have ever gone before. The fact that you went that far to try to stop us only guarantees that we’ll succeed. We’ll succeed and I’ll make sure to leave a SPECIAL message in the game JUST FOR YOU. :)

Your racism and queerphobia only served to further my agenda.

To all supporters of the Arkh Project and its philosophies:

Spread the word, folk. There are cis straight white people actively making attempts to shut us down because they hate us having anything for ourselves just that much.

Arkh is going to be Indiegogo’s Campaign of the day tomorrow, 1/25/12.

Now is the time, queer folks and non-white folks. Spread the word. Tweet #Arkh. Tweet everyone you know. Tweet writers, tweet artists, tweet famous people and tweet your cousin’s aunt’s sister. Blow it up. Blow it up so that we’re unstoppable.

Do not let the oppressors beat us. We are here, and we aren’t going away because they don’t like having to share.

Edit: To anyone complaining about the title of this post? The SPECIFIC individuals trying to shut down Arkh are ACTUALLY cis, straight and white. It is a fact, not a generalization.

I find it strange and very annoying when people label efforts to promote the work of minorities as discriminatory. Signal boost. Keep doing your thing.

I can totally picture the racist queerphobic ASSHOLE behind all this, crying their eyes out about “reverse racism” and whining about how it is not fair for queer PoC to create a game just for themselves. Because we obviously know that’s NOT the case for white cis. UGH






The result in a past video I made, inspired by one of Teacher’s marvelous recordings,
Filled with more awkward and rushed drawings!

Get ready for..BUTT BABBIES: THE MOVIE. 

            We did not write this fan fiction.

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Ron Paul (Source)

NO these are NOT from those Ron Paul Newsletters, these are from his book “Freedom Under Siege,” so nobody can claim that it was a ghost-writer this time.

According to him: Gays get AIDS because they are involved in a gay lifestyle, and sexually harassed women should be held responsible for being sexually harassed. Flawless republican logic…

My response to ron paul: uh WHAT?!!!!

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Straight dudes who have no problem with gay dudes are REAL MEN. They don’t feel threatened because they’re comfortable with their own sexuality.

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Zwinglius Redivivus


Pakistan Transgender Leader Runs for Election


Shahana Abbas Shani, President of Pakistan’s She-male Association, has announced that she will run in elections as an independent candidate for the city of Muzaffargarh for the Punjab provincial assembly.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Shani said that she has made the decision because she wants to discuss problems faced by her community, which she says have been ignored by Pakistani society, in the assembly.

“There is no other way for us to be heard and now when the Supreme Court of Pakistan has allowed us to have an identity card, we will fight for our rights,” Shani said.

The landmark 2009 court decision recognizing a ‘third gender’ has not been enforced by authorities, which caused severe problems for trans people during the recent devastating flooding, particularly in Sindh province, through a lack of ID cards. In November of last year the court ordered that they be registered as voters.

During the disaster, transgender people were left out of the aid efforts and denied access to IDP camps because of general prejudice, their non-conforming appearance and their lack of proper identification documents.

Bindiya Rana, of Gender Interactive Alliance, explains that no third-gender ID cards have been given out. As a result, many transgender citizens lack any identification documents at all. According to Rana, this occurs because “a lot of transgenders get separated from their parents from a very young age and are unable to get their parents’ ID cards and other supporting documents which are required to get an ID.”

Similar instances of aid denial occurred in post-earthquake Haiti.

Shani said that the Punjab assembly should pass rights legislation and that there should be reserved seats for transgender people — known as ‘Hijra’ in South Asia — in the National Assembly. Women and minorities already have reserved seats.

Her association has participated in protests against the November 26 NATO attack and the killing of Pakistani army personnel — where Barack Obama’s effigy was burnt.

“We will fight at our country’s borders if the forces need us,” Shani said.

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I fucking love James Franco 

That’s James Franco? In the picture? Woah

Makes me wish Franco would drag more.




I fucking love James Franco 

That’s James Franco? In the picture? Woah

Makes me wish Franco would drag more.



More like FCK TRANS* H8, because everywhere I go I see shit about gay people and NOTHING about trans*/queer people.

FCKH8 campaign? - Claims to have donated over $250,000 dollars to LGBT charities, but has nothing about the trans*/queer communities on its site. Not even a little promotional button. 

reddit? - So much trans* hate, I can’t even wrap my head around it. The bad part being, these threads don’t get deleted. This awful, hateful shit is still swimming around on the internet.

I’m sure there are many, many more examples of such, but my point is not to sit here and point a finger at all this bad, but instead, asking you, the people, to stop being so ignorant and hurtful towards the lesser-recognized spectrums of the queer community. 

And, to my fellow queer brothers and sisters, stop promoting so much queer-on-queer hate. We all have it rough, don’t make it worse for one community. We should be working together towards a COMMON goal: Queer Rights. I support gay rights just as much as I do trans* rights. Stop breaking up a beautiful and wonderful community that could change the world. 


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Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother,




you thought I didn’t really notice. But I did. I wanted to high-five you.

Yesterday I had a pair of brothers in my store. One was maybe between 15-17. He was a wrestler at the local high school. Kind of tall, stocky and handsome. He had a younger brother, who was maybe about 10-12 years old. Thy were talking about finding a game for the younger one, and he was absolutely insisting it be one with a female charcter. I don’t know how many of y’all play games, but that isn’t exactly easy. Eventually, I helped the brothers pick a game called Mirror’s Edge. The youngest was pretty excited about the game, and then he specifically asked me.. “Do you have any girl color controllers?”

I directed him to the only colored controllers we have which includes pink and purple ones. He grabbed the purple one, and informed me purple was his FAVORITE.

The boys had been taking awhile, so their father eventually comes in. He see’s the game, and the controller, and starts in on the youngest about how he needs to pick something different. Something more manly. Something with guns and fighting, and certainly not a purple controller. He tries to convince him to get the new Zombie game “Dead Island.” and the little boy just stands their repeating “Dad, this is what I want, ok?” Eventually it turns into a full blown argument complete with Dad threatening to whoop his son if he doesn’t choose different items.

That’s when big brother stepped in. He said to his Dad “It’s my money, it’s my gift to him, if it’s what he wants I’m getting it for him, and if your gonna hit anyone for it, it’s going to be me.”

Dad just gives his oldest son a strong stern stare down, and then leaves the store. Little brother is crying quietly, I walk over and ruffle his hair (yes this happened all in front of me.) I say “I’m a girl, and I like the color blue, and I like shooting games. There’s nothing wrong with what you like. Even if it’s different that what people think you should.”

Big brother then leans down, kisses little brother on the head, and says “Don’t worry dude.”

They check out and leave, and all I can think is how awesome big brother is, how sweet little brother is, and how Dad ought to be ashamed for trying to make his son any other way.

file under: shit that makes me cry at work

Poor baby , No one should make you believe your wrongf or being you

and it would have taken all I had not to smother the small child in my bosom, kiss the older one on the mouth and let em both leave with free ALL OF THE THINGS