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"Am I a monster for laughing my ass off when I learnt that France lost its triple A ??"

"Does that make me a horrible person to rejoice over the spectacular collapse of those ex colonial powers ??"

These are the thoughts rushing to my mind right now. I mean, just as I am typing these words, Paul Biya, the dictator assigned by France who has been torturing, exploiting , destroying and driving my people to the ground for 30 years now,  is sitting in his palace enjoying the good life while life expectancy is in the forties, infrastructures are deteriorating at light speed and education and health are ever more unaffordable. 

My people is courageous, my people is strong. We fought for our dignity but sadly could not rival the savagery of France and the UK who are eagerly sharing the cake of our resources and thriving off our sweat. 

So when I hear about skyrocketing unemployment, the debt crisis, rising poverty all I am thinking about is; “hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahah, you bitches!! It is called Karma, you just can go around and fucked up the world and get away with it, You deserve it bitches hahahahahhahahahahah. France just lost its tripe A and poverty is rising?? hahahahhahahah

I wonder what my grandpa would think of this?? He was murdered during the independence wars, his head (like many socialist independentists’) was cut off and exposed on the market place to deter anyone from joining the resistance. They would pour napalm on my village, round up people in house and set fire!

You made my heart cold as a hard rock and I have no sympathy for you or your struggle, you deserve everything that come your way!!

I know how shocking this may sound and how sterile these emotions are, since they don’t actually improve my condition and the condition of my people but I would like to know if I am the only one feeling this way. Are there any other African feeling like this ??

I am asking this because I went on a Angolan forum and they were literally laughing their ass off the fact that Portugal has got so poor that it now has to rely on Angola’s investments.