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sometimes, I tell myself ”Wait, am I being too harsh with white people? :/" Their crying and sob stories almost get at me. Then I turn on my TV, read the papers, talk to my loved ones, remember life under Biya dictatorship … and realise that these tears poured by white people are not tears of revolt, shame, disgust or even remorse at the appalling state THEY have put the world in. NO, NO, NO!! They are simply lamenting the discomfort, the uneasiness that come with having their asses exposed and that’s it!! That is all that matter for them!! They are not concerned at the fucking least about the deplorable living conditions most have to endure on this planet so that they can live comfortably  NO, NO, NO!! Their tears are poured for their EGOS and their egos only that they place well above my fucking existence and the existence of BILLIONS like me. These tears taste of self-centeredness, arrogance, egocentrism, total lack of compassion, total inability to relate to anybody else but themselves. These tears are made of the entitlement juice that has been feeding their imperialism for centuries! And this makes me realise that I do not go at them as hard as I should! Even a million time harder would still not be hard enough!

Beware of white ‘anti-racist’ claiming to be engaged in the fight against racism, against the evilness of white supremacy, hence should be ready to relinquish any privileges afforded by such abominable system YET keep on putting their feelings of discomfort and uneasiness and their big egos over our lives as POC and our rightful resentment. If hatred is talking about how savage, barbaric and cruel white people have ALWAYS been, what name exactly should I then give to the savagery, barbarism and cruelty, you have been putting us trough?? These people are not ready to give up the ecstatic high provided by a false of superiority over POC, their whole sense of self is wrapped around. They would talk at length about ‘non-violence’, ‘equality’, ‘peace’ yet cringe when things such as ‘reciprocity’, ‘reparations’, ‘accountability’ and ‘respect’ that give all their substance and weight to the notions previously mentioned are brought up!They are extremely dangerous!!

Oppressors have ALWAYS and will ALWAYS try to annex movements of liberation created in response to their oppression to assert their power.

The did it with the anti-slavery movement! From Easterly’s book, The White Man’s Burden:

Even when making beneficial piecemeal reforms, such as the British anti-slave campaign in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, white arrogance was not going to disappear anytime soon. British Torry Sir Robert Peel said in a speech in June 1840 that unless whites stop the slave trade they never would convince Africans “of the superiority of the European fellow men.

This is why, as long as white supremacy stands, the world will never run out of racist pieces of shit priding themselves on the fact that it was the British who abolish slavery as if the British empire was not one of the most maleficent powers in the history of humanity who stood for murder, destruction, looting and savagery.

They did it with the Civil Rights movement , appropriating MLK’s legacy!

They are doing it with the anti-racism movement by devoiding words such as ‘racism’ and ‘hatred’ of their meanings and making it all about that ‘Well bleed red’ crap and that pacifist pro-status-quo BS!

I am in a point in my life where I realise that ‘white anti-racist’ is an oxymoron and there is no such a thing!

Beware of any ‘ally’ who does not accept that they are personally the problem as agent of the oppressive force from which they benefit, good intentions or not! That they are owed NOTHING, especially gratefulness and niceness or behaving in a decent way. That they should never open their mouths unless they are asked to and that there is no place assigned fro them in the struggle so they better keep their asses in the fucking back!

I am white. And I am racist.


No I am not sitting around and reading Pork while wearing a shitty fake “native american headdress” with a bindi on my forehead and “wite powr” tattooed across my knuckles.

However, I am white. This means I benefit from whiteness, no matter what I do. This means I contribute to the system of whiteness, no matter what I do. I was born and bred and raised and fed by whiteness. I was taught to love my white skin and white body and all I see when I open a book or magazine or turn on a tv or the computer are white skinned bodies or whitewashed bodies. And I don’t have to be a white suprematist to be racist. All I have to be is white.

I am inherently racist. 

Racism isn’t just waking up one day and saying to yourself “I’m gonna go be a shithead”

(although thats what whiteness/white culture/white media/so on and so forth basically did and does)

because racism is so much more than that. 

I wont ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER experience racism, nor will you, fellow white folks. The closest we’ll get is being disliked. And aren’t we lucky that all we have to do is open a book/magazine, turn on a tv, look at an ad, turn off the computer or walk away, and then life is a-okay again?!

This doesn’t mean we can’t have shitty lives

This does however mean that we are inherently racist.

Fellow white folks.

We wont ever experience racism.

So why the fuck are we sitting around telling PoC what is and isn’t racism?

Or if we are or aren’t racist. 

Or that being a housewife makes us not racist


 Thank you for this! White people take notes!

Oppression is not something that you can willingly opt out of!! It is not! It doesnt work like that! While millions of brown people have their lives destroy for your comfort and safety, you can not just scream ‘I am not racist' and try and wash your hands off the fact that you profit from racial oppression and you do take part in it whether you want it or not. Your good intentions are of residual importance in the racist machine.

‘…..this is not to say that every single white American consciously oppresses black people. He does not need to. Institutional racism has been maintained deliberately by the power structure and through indifference, inertia and lack of courage on the part of white masses as well as petty officials.
Stokely Carmichael & Charles V. Hamilton.Excerpt from ‘Black Power : The Politics of Liberation in America’

YOU DO TAKE PART IN RACISM FOR SIMPLY BENEFITING FROM IT! It is a machine and you are one of its links, whether you want it or not, whether it makes you cry or not, whether it hurts your feelings or not, whether you think you are a good person or not!

There are NO more good white people today as there were during slavery and under the third Reich. Many people who were considered of outstanding character back then were taking part in the most horrendous and gruesome racist crimes. Just like white people today who think highly of themselves but are nothing but racist fucks!

As a white person, you can not be free of racism, just because you say so. Just like straight people cannot totally renounce to the pervasive homophobia they benefit from or men the misogyny. This is why I never bought into that ‘male feminists' thing. They are just like white anti-racists looking for validation by annexing a movement in opposition of an oppressive structure they benefit from. They should stay in their lanes! You cannot be a male feminist, just like as a cis person, I cannot be a cis ant-transphobic. It is contradictory in essence because I am conditioned, socialised and moulded to be inherently transphobic, I just cannot escape the normalisation of transphobia in my reality! The way I speak, see the world, approach things is drenched with transphobia! I can fight against it as much as I can but should never lie to myself and pretend that I am on the side of the victims while committing the abuse and benefiting from it!

There will be no racist ONLY when white supremacy as a structure and an ideology is dismantle, until then white people, you are all inherently racist, deal with it!

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it’s pretty upsetting how many white people are unaware that it was actually white imperialism that crushed lqbtq* folk’s rights and expression in poc countries

i see white lgbtq* folk going on and on about how poc cultures are heterosexist/cissexist etc and the worst thing is they don’t even KNOW that it was their own culture that created that mess 

This is important to remember.  Many indigenous cultures accept(ed) people who would in Western terms be defined as LGBT*. In places like Uganda where the “Kill the Gays” bill happened, the atmosphere of homophobia and transphobia are a direct result of outside religions coming in and asserting their cultural and moral beliefs over those of the native culture and moral schemas. The laws in places like Jamaica and Haiti against “buggery” were implemented by BRITISH AND FRENCH IMPERIALISTS and the campaign against it was so successful that heteronormativity (originally a tool of survival) has become a huge part of their cultures. There are so many examples, from Filipin@ bakla to Two Spirit people in some Native American tribes, that what is popularly referred to as LGBT* today, has always been a part of humanity and for some, at least, is in no way more unnatural than being cisgender or heterosexual. In fact, in many of these cultures, these people were given places of honor within their community’s social hierarchy. We were written into creation myths, instead of having them used as weapons against us. We were seen as gifts.   Never forget that.

THIS RIGHT HERE. I remember when I was doing research on Polynesian cultures, it really surprised me to learn how accepted homosexuality and transsexualism was in Polynesian (particularly Hawaiian) culture. The entire concept of the gender binary was completely foreign to them! They just had a super fluid and generally open minded take on sex. Luckily many of the articles I was reading flat out said the change came when the white man showed up and shoved heteronormativity down everybody’s gullet. 

They sure do (>_>) No one can deny this. This is why I say that white people are the hatred that we POC fear. It is not about ‘hating whitey’, it is about fighting off whitey’s hatred and destruction. 

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It is funny that when we denounce whiteness, white people assume that it is hatred. The first emotion I feel when I think of or deal with white people is fear, genuine and intense fear of being dehumanized. I think this is the case for many POC, YOU are the hatred that we fear. 

Sometimes I think that the only effective and productive method of destroying speciesism would be for each uncaring human to be forced to live the life of a cow on a feedlot, or a monkey in a laboratory, or an elephant in the circus, or a bull in a rodeo, or a mink on a fur farm. Then people would be awakened from their soporific states and finally understand the horrors that are inflicted on the animal kingdom by the vilest species to ever roam this planet: the human animal.

Gary Yourofsky (via nirvikalpa)


All of these things are indeed done by the vilest species to ever roam this planet, but it is not the human animal, it is the WHITE MAN!!

My people, the Bamileke people, has tremendous respect and fear for nature and its fauna that we regard as a mother that feeds us and without whom we couldn’t live and so do many many indigenous peoples on Earth who have been living in perfect harmony with nature for millenia. 

Those barbarians practices were brought by WHITENESS!! This is why I am very serious when I argue that whiteness is the poison from which humanity must absolve itself in order to ensure its hopes of salvation. 

Ladies and Gents, this was once again an umpteenth attempt of whiteness to put the blame and responsibility for the destruction of our planet on us all, the human race, which is extremely sickening considering that at this very moment indigenous tribes are relentlessly fighting capitalist white supremacy in the Amazonian and African equatorial forest for the protection of the environment.

As long as ecology doesn’t acknowledge that the destruction of our planet is the direct result of white hegemony and an eurocentric model of civilization that oppressed societies were brainwashed and/or forced into adopting, it will keep on failing at addressing the major keys issues and coming up with possible solutions. Anyway, given that many self-proclaimed ‘ecologists’ are white/westerners, I have little hope for that to ever happen.

Well, we are doomed, thanks white fuckers!! 

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White privilege is looking at women like Jane Birkin (who had three kids with three men), Reese Witherspoon and Uma Thurman (each of whom have children with more than one man), and Helena Bonham Carter (who has children in a long-term relationship where she is not married to the father of her kids)  and continuing to talk in a glowing and positive manner about these women, continuing to idolize these women and hold them up as “good role models” while shaming, demoralizing, and making derogatory comments about women of Color who do the same thing, like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

And don’t forget all the media fawning over Brad and Angelina who after 6 kids are still not married, yet tell black women that they should take example on Beyonce for getting married then pregnant. Since, we, black women are savage, irresponsible, dumbasses denied the most basic discretion on our own lives and bodies!


vagabondaesthetics replied to your post: vagabondaesthetics replied to your post: White…

That’s because white people don’t know how review, read, experience shit without centering it around them because everything they’re taught is centered around their experiences and they rarely are forced to examine them. And that includes LGBT, disabled, etc. that mimic that…

Definitely….like if you’re reading fucking Frantz Fanon, you shouldn’t expect the book to coddle you and make you feel good if you’re white (or even “first world”) but…

“It is hard to take Fanon’s writing seriously because of styistics/voice concerns.

The preface by Jean-Paul Sartre is worth reading”

“My distaste for this book goes beyond what I can even begin to describe.”

Patricia Hill Collins

“made me feel afraid of angry black women”



I had to reblog this!!

This has basically been my issues when it comes to my meager writing and them. White people are THE definition of ethnocentricity!!! They are so egotistical and self-centered that they have absolutely NO FUCKING TOLERANCE for anything that is not about them and/or for them!! If something or someone has the audacity to not cater to them or not cuddle them, that thing or person must be wiped out, erased and disappear. So they will  harass you, threaten you, start their manipulative game about how you are so mean to their white evil selves because you have the nerve to try and construct a narrative where they are not the center. I experienced it first hand yesterday!!

WHITE PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING FULL OF SHIT!! it is amazing how they manage to go through life with such severe cognitive dissonance. The world is so chaotic because they would rather distort and destroy it in order for it to fit into their narrow vision, rather than acknowledge its diversity and multiplicity.  This is why they white-wash and appropriate so eagerly EVERYTHING that comes their way. For something or someone to be of value for them, it has to have been stained by whiteness. 

This is why it takes tremendous courage to stand up and have a voice adverse to the status-quo. To think that I almost wanted to stop posting my writing here. LOL NO!! I will keep on posting and they better come my way because they surely will regret it!!

I don’t talk bad about white people, their history talks bad about them.

Louis Farrakhan (via theelectricrelaxation)

And this is why White History week is a great idea… 

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"As a white man on Tumblr-"



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Stop saying whiteness like we are all in cahoots with each other, working to bring everyone else down. I'll explain it down for you. ALL EUROPEANS HATE EACH OTHER. And nothing is similar across the board. Certain power centres in Europe usually control everything around them and the people controlling these centres are a lot further away from the people at the outskirts than we are from each other. And this power structure exist in Africa and exist independently from white people.


 I wrote that post “white people are SOCIOPATH” because I truly believe in it. I don’t write to shock or hurt, I am actually in a place right now in my life where writing every day keep me alive. I may write some absurd and dumb stuff but I really really really need to write to make sense of the world, myself and my life. So on this basis, I welcome every polite and constructive response to my writing and don’t worry, you didn’t came off as a rant or anything (^_^).

I think that like most white people, well like most people you are still trapped in this idea that evil or racism are INTENTIONAL. 

Stop saying whiteness like we are all in cahoots with each other, working to bring everyone else down.” This is what I get from this sentence. Racism doesn’t have to be intentional, I am totally aware that white people are all not the same and do not wake up every morning thinking “Oh well today we are going to make some brown people suffer and wreck their lives” No they don’t!! My point was that it is white supremacy as a system which uphold every and everyone white, which deny the humanity of brown people and especially black people, this system is sociopathic! Well this sociopathic ideology, filters down every aspect of western civilization, from art to science, to history, to politics, to economics, to sociology, to philosophy, to even something as basic as what is life, which lives are deemed important. Absolutely everything in western civilization is stained with the sociopathic concept of whiteness. This concept is the basis for oppressive structures that hurt and kill us POC around the world. So white people are bathed in this ubiquitous sociopathy and they internalise it so deeply that it become inseparable from who they are, since whiteness is the essence of western civilization!!

Well I think this is quite basic to understand, it is just like for instance, men reproduce harmful misogynist behaviours from being conditioned and socialized in a misogynist society. Do you get me?

So when I say that “white people are SOCIOPATH” I am not saying that every single white person is a fucking serial killer, a Ted Bundy, roaming around with a knife planning to kill and hurt POC. I simply mean that every single white person is an agent of white supremacy which is death, cruelty and destruction!!  As part of whiteness, every single white person is an oppressor, they may not realise it but their whole reality, their whole life, their whole being is based on a sociopathic ideology. They would  say, think and do stuff that are automatically hurtful and destructive to us POC because their world is set up that way and they have been conditioned to find this normal. 

This is why I took whiteness through history. I don’t think that on a personal basis during slavery for instance, every white person was worse then that every white person today. Yet they were living in a world where public lynchings were normal and the worst atrocities against black people were seen as TOTALLY part of life. Them too, were convinced that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with what they were doing!! They didn’t see themselves as bad people, yet they were! This is my point!! This is still the case today, obviously white people would have difficulties understanding this since like I say “Fish don’t see water, white people can’t see their sociopathy”

I would seriously ask this question this question to you as a white person, why would you think that you are in any way better than your forefathers???

Also what you are talking about I think is classism or capitalism, completely different from my point!! Even thought capitalism hurt working class in the west, those same working class still largely benefit economically from the oppression of brown lives, since once again white supremacy has filtered down every single aspect of western societies. 

I hope it is clear (^_^)

It is funny that when we denounce whiteness, white people assume that it is hatred. The first emotion I feel when I think of or deal with white people is fear, genuine and intense fear of being dehumanized. I think this is the case for many POC, YOU are the hatred that we fear. 

White people are SOCIOPATH

Fish don’t see water. White people can’t see their sociopathy.

You were born, bathed all your life, socialized and conditioned in a culture of destruction, violence and hatred, obviously you wont see it. It is part of you, you have internalized it so deeply that it will forever be inseparable from the person you are. Every breath, every step you take, every word you speak, every thought you have, is forever stained with destruction, hatred and violence just like your forefathers’ and contempories’ hands are forever stained with the blood of my people and the blood of any non-white people on this planet. Every breath, every step you take, every word you speak, every thought you have, upholds and sustains white supremacy! You passively and actively engage in upholding and sustaining white supremacy all the time! 

If you are white, never, ever think that you are a special snow flake. Whiteness is NOT and will NEVER be redeemable!! You may be an ally to POC or even dedicate your whole existence to fight the system that puts you on a pedestal and crushes every single non-white person on Earth, but as a white person, you will always be an agent of white supremacy. ALWAYS! Your whole existence symbolises hatred, a hatred so normalized, so part of the functioning of this chaotic white-poisoned world that it is just as pervasive as oxygen. If you are really against racism aka white supremacy aka whiteness, you must look within yourself and acknowledge this, acknowledge how your actions are impulsed by this lethal poison. With the privilege of whiteness, comes the accountability for its horrors. That’s life!!

I know that your white feelings will be crushed when reading this because like all white people you think you are the special snow flake. You are convinced to be this amazing person, loving partner, loving child, great friend, engaged citizen but so did your forefathers when just few decades ago they would enjoy some public lynchings like one enjoys a brunch with friends on a hot summer day.

So did your forefathers when they were celebrating the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So did your grand parents when they would kiss you parents on the forehead good-bye before enthusiastically leaving for a Nazi meeting where Jews would be called cockroaches that must be wiped out!

So did many slave masters who would rape African children, speaking of this, many of them are still held as heroes and great men, for instance the founding fathers - this is obviously not surprising since like I said, white people are sociopath.

So did you when you were in favor of an illegal war in the middle East which has killed more than a million of innocent civilians and displaced thousands of others.

So do you every time you vote for politicians who condemn my people to suffering, death, starvation and kill all our hopes of democracy by supporting our tyrants. 

So do you every time you try to police our discourse or silence us.

So do you every time you try to deny how the violence, the atrocities you benefit from, destroys our lives.

So do you every time you try to deny your responsibility in all of this.

So do you when you live in a society where non-white people are heavily marginalized, over-represented in working classes, dehumanized and criminalized beyond belief! - You surely find this normal and justified!

So do you when you live in a world where the tiny white/western majority feeds off the misery, poverty, exploitation of the brown majority! - This doesn’t phase you AT ALL!

So white person, reading this, why would you imagine that you are any way better or any less cruel, barbaric and savage than your forefathers? What would make you think that your forefathers may have been in the wrong but you would magically be in the right?? What would make you think that us POC have been victims of and denouncing white supremacy for centuries and we were right then, yet now in 2012, we are all wrong??

This world, in 2012, where black children get murdered by the police with a bullet in the back of the head while in handcuffs - with the silent approval of the white majority - is in NO WAY better than the world, centuries ago, where slaves trying to escape were deemed to be suffering from a mental illness called drapetomania - I am not making this shit up! Brown lives must constantly be reminded that they are worth NOTHING and freedom is not something they should EVER aspire to. This is whiteness, this is YOU!

You are no better, you will always be a sociopath because your whiteness prevent you from ever fully empathizing with us brown people! 

So this is it…


I point out racism produces sociopathic behaviors, white people flip out.

Then the cops shoot the very child they were called to protect.  Shoot the child handcuffed and unable to fight back.  Shoot the child in the head.

It’s always important to keep killing Black people.  Not because they want to kill everybody, they just need to remind everyone they can be killed.  And to keep everyone accustomed and numb and normalized to the murder of innocent people.

“It’s ok to kill Black people.  The cops do it all the time.”

The point is not killing the bodies, the point is to kill the soul by reminding Black folks constantly how little their lives are worth.

The simple action of constantly reinforcing your own value by violently reminding Black people to know their worth(lessness) is all that’s needed to set up this cycle.  And it never matters how blatant or over-the-top the violence is, because when your life is worthless, they can never see it as wrong.

They say I don’t know the meaning of the word sociopathic when I use it.

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Racism against whites doesn’t exist. Your white tears will be used to lubricate squeaky door hinges in PoC homes.

To maintain my youthful look, I bathe in white tears. “Reverse racism”?? Bwahahahahahahah Please cry me a river of white tears honey!

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